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Icecrypt, Great Britain
01795 427 666
Web page
HD PVR enabled satellite receiver
Input Signal Standards
, MPEG2 and MPEG4
Input Frequency
950 ~ 2150 MHz
Symbol Rates
2-67.5 Ms/sec for
2-52.5 Ms/sec for
1.0, 1.1, 1.2
AC-3 Dolby Digital and MPEG 1 Layer 1,2 and 3
From 480i through 1080p
Number of Channels Stored
Power Supply
AC 100 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
12 V/2A plug adapter: 24 W max (10W in our tests)
220 x 35 x 145 mm
Active Power
Apparent Power
25 W 10 W 0.4
13 W 5 W 0.38
Deep StandBy 0 W 0 W 1
Jacek Pawlowski
Test Center
Active Power
Apparent Power
107 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
First 10 minutes: operate mode, next 5 minutes: standby mode
(power saving ON), last 5 minutes: standby mode
(power saving OFF).
Extremely powerful and fast HD PVR receiver
matching the top class models.
Almost endless configuration options but still
very user friendly.
1080p video output.
All DiSEqC protocols
Very good video and audio quality
Small power consumption and extremely eco-
friendly power saving mode
It can halt occasionally during channel scans and you have to
restart the scan then.
Expert Opinion
16. EPG – grid mode
17. PIP mode works perfect for
HD channels
18. Mosaic View
19. Simple Service List
20. Selecting soundtrack
21. Picture viewer
22. A recorded file is about to be
23. Radio channel
are interchangeable between
the two models. For some
people who would love to
have not one but more Ice-
crypt receivers in their A/V
cabinet this may be a prob-
lem. But for a vast majority
of users, this problem is only
All the reception tests we
did proved that S3500HDCCI
has a very sensitive tuner
and can deal with very weak
signals as well as signals with
small and high symbol rates.
Sometimes when you switch
to a low symbol rate channel,
like 2000 kbps, you have to
wait longer before you can
watch it. It is not one second
but 3-4 seconds before the
receiver locks to the signal.
This happens also in other
receiver brands as most of
the receivers are optimized
for higher symbol rates.
Except for a small prob-
lem with the aspect ratio of
photographs when watched
in high resolution settings,
we did not encounter any
problems when dealing with
multimedia. MP3 files as well
as AVI and MPG files were
played back correctly, not to
mention of course the play-
back of recordings done with
the receiver. It is very con-
venient to connect an exter-
nal USB HDD and keep there
all your multimedia files.
Before we end this report,
we would like to mention
one important feature of the
box. This is the power sav-
ing mode. Normally, when
this mode is not activated,
the receiver consumes about
10 Watts in normal opera-
tion and 5 Watts in standby.
Switching from standby to
operate takes only 4 sec-
onds. But when you acti-
vate in the menu the option
called “Power saving”, the
power consumed in standby
drops almost to zero (well
below 1 Watt). The receiver
consumes almost no electric
energy. Naturally, it has to
take longer to wake up from
such a deep standby. And
this is 35 seconds. It is up to
the user, but we think that
many of them will choose to
be eco-friendly and turn this
option on.