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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
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Miniature HDTV Satellite Receiver
You could easily pass by
and do not pay any atten-
tion to this unpretentious
small box. Actually it is that
small that you could put two
S3500HDCCI receivers side
by side on a single page of
this TELE-satellite maga-
zine. Placing it near a 50
inch flat panel TV creates
an amusing impression. It
is like putting a mouse near
an elephant. However, the
possibilities of this “mouse”
are astonishing!
Its front panel is very as-
cetic – just three buttons
and a single status LED shin-
ing either in red or green.
However, as soon as you
look at the rear panel you
start thinking that perhaps
your very first impression is
quite wrong. PCMCIA con-
nector for CA modules, card
reader slot, USB for external
memory or hard disk, Eth-
ernet for connection to the
Internet, HDMI and optical
S/PDIF ports are not neces-
sarily the things you expect
to find in a simple small box.
You might be a little bit
surprised that there is nei-
ther a SCART connector
nor three color RCA outputs
with CVBS video and stereo
audio but closer examina-
tion reveals that there is
a mini jack connector be-
tween HDMI and S/PDIF
ports. Having suitable A/V
cable (mini jack to 3xRCA)
you can easily route analog
video and audio to your old
TV-set or VHS recorder if
you still have one. Addi-
tionally, there are: 12 V DC
power input connector, RS-
232C port and a connector
for an optional infra red re-
ceiver if you want to hide
the S3500HDCCCI but still
be able to control it with its
remote control. Of course, a
plug type power supply unit
is also included.
A look at the remote con-
trol units leaves no doubt
- S3500HDCCI is equipped
with PVR functions and
even some trick modes
normally associated with
much bigger receivers. The
remote sits nicely in hand
though its rubber keyboard
is rather typical for not so
expensive models.
But this is not the end of
the surprises. When you
connect the S3500HDCCCI
to your TV set and see its
full color on-screen graph-
ics and when you experi-
ence the speed of operation
you can not believe that
it all comes from this tiny
box. And that‘s not all. It
is a Linux based receiver!
It means a possibility to
install many interesting pl-
ugins and add-ons available
on the Internet for this kind
of receivers. S3500HDCCCI
is like a top class receiver
without some not-so-neces-
sary features. But the pow-
er of its processor, capac-
ity of internal memory or
Internet related functions
are the same as in top class
receivers. Even blindscan
channel search is available!