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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
course, one can take full ad-
vantage of such great per-
formance having not one but
two tuners. If you think you
might be needing concur-
rent recording and watching
channels from different tran-
sponders, you should think of
another Icecrypt model – the
two tuner STC6000HD PVR
that we presented recently in
TELE-satellite 10-11/2011.
Actually, when we turned
on the small S3500HDCCI,
we had the impression of
a déjà vu. The OSD looked
pretty much the same as in
STC6000HD PVR. OK, we
said to ourselves, that’s a
reasonable approach to re-
use thousands of lines of
software code for the next
product. But will this soft-
ware work fast enough in this
small box, presumably with
simpler and cheaper chipset?
And as you already know, it
worked as fast as in its big-
ger brother. Evidently, the
chipset is not any simpler
and cheaper. That’s why we
titled our report as we did.
You take a seat in a small
Mini Morris, press the pedal
and you get flattened by ac-
celeration produced by its
engine. Evidently, this is not
what you expect from a small
and apparently lower perfor-
mance product. S3500HDCCI
by no means can be named
low performance. On the
contrary, this is the top class
product stripped from the
second tuner, VFD display
and a few interfaces that did
not fit on a small rear panel.
But the speed and power are
Even the remote controls