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tribution of their customers? “Roughly
25% of our production is delivered do-
mestically here in Turkey; the remain-
ing 75% is exported.” A large portion of
their shipments go to Iran and Iraq fol-
lowed by countries like Greece, but at
a decreasing rate because of the finan-
cial crisis. Another portion goes to the
remaining European countries. “About
15% of our sales find their way to coun-
tries in Africa like Morocco and Algeria in
North Africa as well as to Ghana, Gabon
and Mauritius.”
Success has not been limited to digital
receivers; it has also found it’s way to
INPA’s new multiswitch sector. “In 2011
we sold roughly 40,000 multiswitches”,
explains Nurullah Kaki as he looks at IN-
PA’s sales statistics. “30% of them stay
here in Turkey while another 30% go to
Syria and other Near Eastern countries
such as Iran and Iraq but also Tunisia.”
The fact that INPA has quite a presence
in a country like Syria has to do with
the local government wanting to put
an end to the prolific growth of satellite
dishes there and pressuring apartment
building owners to install community re-
ception systems. It’s also an excellent
reason for local installers to install INPA
In connection with this, we found out
another interesting fact: “We also offer
Headend components.” INPA can boast
of a number of prestigious installations:
“Our Headend systems are used in the
Hilton Hotel Istanbul, the Crowne Plaza
Hotels in Istanbul and Ankara, in the
Radisson and Holiday Inn hotels in Is-
tanbul as well as the Medicana Hospital
in Istanbul.” But that’s not all: “We even
have an INPAX Headend installed in the
President of Azerbaijan’s private house!”
INPA has already sold 70 of these costly
Headend systems.
The company started with three em-
ployees in their founding year 2001;
INPA now has 25 employees: “Our sales
team consists of four employees, our
technical department has three engi-
neers, plus there are two employees in
the warehouse and in logistics, another
two in administration as well as 15 at
our production facility outside of Istan-
bul.” In 2009 INPA moved into the of-
fices on Kemeralti Street but the move
there was a short one: “Before that we
had our offices right here directly across
the street”, grins Nurullah Kaki.
Headend components are a high-end
product from INPA