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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
A small selection of the wide variety
of INPAX brand name products: the
company began with multiswitches but
today it’s digital TV receivers that are the
main product. Even satellite dishes are
available but only as a spin-off product.
The company is also big in LNBs “In 2011
we sold roughly 600,000 LNBs, mostly the
single LNB version.”
manufacturer, there’s also a noticeable
move at INPA in the direction of HD: “In
2011 only 30% of our receivers were
for DVB-S2 but for 2012 this ratio will
increase to 50%”, he is certain. This in-
creased ratio has already found its way
to their terrestrial receivers: “For 2011
half of our production is already geared
towards DVB-T2 for HD reception while
the other half is still for DVB-T (SD re-
Another trend is just as easily rec-
ognizable: “In 2011 our terrestrial re-
ceivers only made up about 15% of our
total production but for 2012 this will
increase to about 25%.” One reason for
this is that INPA recently began produc-
ing ISDB-T receivers for the Latin Amer-
ican terrestrial market. This begs the
question, what is the geographical dis-