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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
The company’s sales have grown
enormously: “In 2011 we reached
US$10 million in sales and for 2012 we
expect an increase to US$12 million.”
He can explain this optimism with new
products: “In addition to the ISDB-T re-
ceiver that will be available on the mar-
ket, we will soon be starting with other
DVB-T2 models with additional features.
We are planning on 3D receivers in 2012
as well as the start of a satellite finder.”
Even the multiswitch product line will be
enhanced with an economy version.
With all of these measures and new
products, INPA is looking to consistently
increase sales as well as better serve
the international market. “We want to
become a globally recognized brand
name”, says Nurullah Kaki.
INPA is already international and has
the necessary products available. From
here he can only go up.
An international brand name like
INPAX needs patent protection. All of
their own products are patented. Here
we can see the documents of some of
their products.
This DVB-S receiver was the start of success for the company as a
receiver manufacturer in 2007 for the brand name INPAX. The box sold
very quickly and found many takers especially in the Middle East.