TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
it was a logical move to acquire An-
tiference: now the combined company
could become more active in the mar-
ket: “Our focus is high quality products
at an inexpensive price and that holds
true even for orders from smaller dis-
tributors”, confirms Trevor Paintain on
the company’s philosophy. “Through
our 75 years of experience in antenna
manufacturing and through Bitek’s pro-
duction experience, the advantages
of both companies have become very
important.” Because of this the market
for Antiference has grown enormously.
We are now actively expanding.” The
main goal for Antiference is the Euro-
pean market.
And it is there on this continent that
Arnold Boeijen has his office. He is An-
tiference’s European Export Manager
and he reveals to us another interest-
ing piece of information: “All of our
products can be ordered by national
distributors as OEM or private label.”
Since Antiference has only just started
building up a European distribution net-
work, there are still quite a few blank
spots on the map of Europe. “We have
already received a number of inquiries
from national distributors interested in
selling our products in their country”,
we learn from Arnold Boeijen, “but thus
far we’ve only made just a few definite
decisions.” Interested dealers still have
a chance to distribute Antiference’s
products, “and that even under their
own company name no less!”
Now it’s time to take a closer look at
all the products Antiference has to of-
fer. As it turns out, TV antennas only
make up a part of Antiference’s sales.
Our signal distribution product group
makes up about 30% of our sales”, says
Managing Director Trevor Paintain, “TV
antennas is also at 30%, accessories
make up 15% with mechanical compo-
nents and coaxial cable each taking up
The remaining 5% is covered by
a new product line from Antiference:
cable head ends. The TELE-satellite
test center is already preparing to test
an Antiference cable head end.
Our R&D Team is also currently
working on the subject of HDMI”, re-
veals Trevor Paintain about an entirely
new product line that is just getting
started. “We have everything that you’d
need today for HDMI distribution.”
A highlight is a wireless system for
HDMI that we will also be introducing in
a test report here in TELE-satellite very
shortly. “A very interesting segment is
antenna outlet boxes.” Here Antifer-
ence can offer a large variety of an-
tenna outlet boxes ranging from those
with two satellite jacks and a TV con-
nection all the way up to all-inclusive
boxes with every possible combination
as well as HDMI and other connections.
These days, modern installations de-
mand a variety of different connections
and our outlets are set up for every
possible variation.”
And yet Antiference even has new
things to offer with TV antennas. “We’re
developing antennas with built-in LTE
filters”, we learn from Trevor Paintain.
At the moment there aren’t too many
LTE broadcasters out there as yet but
this will soon change and then the de-
mand for LTE filters, devices that can
filter out the signals of LTE broadcast-
ers for TV reception, will drastically in-
Antiference over the past 75 years
has remained true to one thing for
sure: TV reception. The technology
over all of these years has consist-
ently changed but Antiference has al-
ways been there offering the matching
products for these changes. Through
the merger with the Australian distri-
bution company and the manufacturer
in China, Antiference has everything it
needs to remain very successful in the
TV reception/component market.
The directional elements in an
X formation of a UHF antenna
were developed by Antiference.
This principle has been in use
by Antiference since 1949.
The antenna in the picture can
receive the entire UHF band
channels 21 to 60) with a 14.5
dB gain.