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TELE-satellite International —
by those antennas that were not per-
fectly matched to the frequency. The
antennas from Antiference were the
solution to that problem; they reduced
In 1938 their young company be-
came a limited liability company in the
London Company Register and the two
young owners hired their first employ-
ees. Back then TV antennas were con-
sidered real high-tech products and
the number of customers they had was
very small. It all really began to take
off in the 1950’s when TVs became af-
fordable and the demand for antennas
skyrocketed. The company, that up un-
til then had its headquarters in central
London, moved to the outskirts of the
city and manufactured TV antennas
with nearly 250 employees. That initial
boom slowly faded but then in 1964
BBC started their second channel in the
UHF band. That meant a renewed de-
mand, this time for UHF antennas.
The company went through a series
of ups and downs in the demand for
antennas so they began to diversify.
This went so far that even a curtain
Many of Antiference’s success
products are on display in their
showroom including HDMI
components, TV amplifiers as well
as cable head ends.
Arnold Boeijen is Antiference’s
European Export Manager and the
first contact for dealers that want to
distribute Antiference’s products in
Europe. He can be directly reached by
e-mail at
rod manufacturing company was ac-
quired. This company was located in
Lichfield, a half hour train ride north
of Birmingham in England’s Midland. In
the entire company moved to this
location and it can still be found there
today. Antiference’s Managing Director
is Trevor Paintain; he’s been with An-
tiference for 15 years now. He tells us
who the current owners of Antiference
are: “Since May of 2011 Antiference has
been owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bialecki
from Australia.”
How did someone from Australia end
up buying a British company? It turns
out that this was a very logical develop-
ment. “In the 1990’s Kaz Bialecki start-
ed a company in Australia that installed
antenna systems.” Not long after that
he expanded his activities to include
an antenna installation wholesale busi-
ness. “Today his company Bitek oper-
ates five branch offices all across Aus-
tralia.” In 2007 Kaz Bialecki started his
own manufacturing: “In Guangzhou,
China, 150 employees produce anten-
nas and accessories, that is, things like
LCD holders, antenna mounts, antenna
outlets and other installation material.”
Now the connection is beginning to
make sense. Bitek is one of the larg-
est antenna distributors in Australia
and an antenna manufacturer in China
while Antiference is one of the largest
antenna manufacturers and distribu-
tors in Great Britain. For Kaz Bialecki
Two electronics technicians founded the company in 1937; it
was officially entered into the London Company Register on 28th
January 1938.