TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
Over 70 Years
of TV Antenna Experience
Antenna and HDMI Manufacturer, UK
Trevor Paintain is Antiference’s Managing
Director. He is seen here holding the current
page product catalog in his right hand
filled with all of their TV reception and
TV distribution products. In his left hand
he’s holding one of Antiference’s success
stories: the Tribeam UHF antenna.
Everything has a beginning; even TV
reception, that for us today is a part of
life, had a starting point. For England
that was in 1936 when the first regular
TV transmissions began. Broadcasting
took place on VHF channel 1 (50 MHz)
and a system with 405 lines was used.
Today SD uses 720 lines and HD 1080
These first TV broadcasts were trans-
mitted from Alexandra Palace in Lon-
don (The site is still in operation today
and is now used for DVB-T2 and DAB+).
At the time, it was an absolute sensa-
tion and raised the curiosity levels of
two electronics technicians: Norman
Best and M. S. Beebe. They recognized
the unbelievable potential of this new
technology and thereby found their
market niche that they never changed
after they founded their company in
They named the company An-
tiference, and this name was based
on the main problem that existed back
then: the interference that was created