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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
comfortably watch TV with
Kaffeine. This software
comes with all of the typical
functions you’d expect such
as time shifting or record-
If you want to get into it
a little deeper, simply install
VDR. This ultimate TV soft-
ware - VDR stands for Video
Disc Recorder - gives you
everything your heart could
possibly desire in the form of
plug-ins. Experienced Linux
users can construct them-
selves a multimedia center
that would be far better than
12. The NetUP card was also incorporated into a VDR system
without any problems. The advantage here: while one adapter is
responsible for displaying pictures, the second adapter keeps the
channel list current in the background
13. A test PC receives four streams in parallel from the IPTV server
that is equipped with a NetUP Dual DVB-T/C-CI
14. Example of how VLC can operate as a streaming server
anything else available on
the market!
And this is exactly where
the NetUP card shines: in
the smallest possible space
it provides two independent
DVB-T/C adapters and two
CI slots. In this way a mul-
timedia center with living
room compatible boxes can
be created: small size and
low energy usage are critical
features here.
The installation and con-
figuration of VDR will not be
described here; there are
far too many features and
it would burst out the sides
of this test report. Those
who are interested should
find out more about yaVDR.
This involves a completed
distribution in which VDR is
already preinstalled with all
the important plug-ins and,
as a bonus, also includes
XBMC. Naturally the Kernel
most also be recompiled
The NetUP Dual DVB-T/C-
CI is specifically meant for
professional applications;
it has enhanced the IPTV
product palette of this man-
ufacturer. In the 10-11/2011
issue of TELE-satellite the
NetUP DVB-IP Gateway 4x
was tested and in the 02-
03/2011 issue the NetUp sis-
ter card Dual DVB-S2-CI was
These two PCI-e cards,
the NetUP Dual DVB-T/C-CI
and the NetUP Dual DVB-
S2-CI were designed to be
installed into IPTV servers.
With that in mind, two of