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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
26. The DTS6695 can also
display current weather
27. ARD Mediathek (online
content library)
28. Teletext
29. HDTV channels via DVB-S2
are processed flawlessly by the
30. Channel list restriction to
DVB-T reception
medium, even though this
means that the flap on the
front panel has to stay open
while the USB interface is in
use. We tested all PVR func-
tions of the box and could
not fault any of them. But
then again, we would not
expect anything less from
These days PVR receiv-
ers don’t just record and
play back events, and the
DTS6695 is no exception:
It can be your MP3 jukebox,
your image viewer and your
video player for TS, MPEG
and DivX files, to name just
a few formats.
If you don’t want to stop
at DTH satellite reception,
you will be interested to find
out more about the high
quality and low threshold of
the satellite tuner used by
As you know we like to
push all tested models to
the limit and in this case we
are pleased to state that the
DTS6695 passed all tests
with flying colours. It ac-
cepted and processed weak
signals (C/N values start-
ing from just 5 dB) just as
well as SCPC signals from
approximately 2 MS/s. The
only thing that is missing
with the Jiuzhou DTS6695 is
a blind scan mode.
The Internet has become a
driving force in our life, and
no matter how we view that
development, being online
is almost a fact of life these
days. Posting on social net-
works, checking mails and
chatting with family and
friends all over the globe are
part of our daily routine, so
it’s only logical that Jiuzhou
has made its DTS6695 fully
Internet-ready. The receiv-
er comes with an Ethernet
interface on the hardware
side, and Internet browser
on the software side so that
users can go online during
commercial breaks.
Remember the time when
a game of Tetris on a satel-
lite receiver was considered
cool? These days you go on-
line rather than play games.
Obviously the Jiuzhou box
supports all required pro-
tocols such as DHCP, for
example, and therefore be-
haves similar to a PC in your
local network.
One of the reasons for
supplying the DTS6695 with
a network interface is the
emergence of interactive
TV. HbbTV (Hybrid Broad-
cast Broadband TV) is the
name of a service that is
already offered in a num-
ber of European countries
such as Germany (ARD,
ZDF, Sat1/Pro7, Vox, QVC,
etc.), France and Spain, to
name but a few. If a viewer
watches an HbbTV channel
the receiver will automati-
cally detect this feature, es-
tablish an Internet connec-
tion and display a message
indicating available HbbTV
If you then want to switch
from the regular channel to
corresponding additional in-
formation you simply press
the red function key in order
to call up comprehensive
background content which
may range from advanced
EPG and current news and
weather all the way to ex-
tensive content libraries or
on-demand services. In our
view, one of the most use-
ful features is a content li-
brary: Many channels offer
their programming for on-