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25 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
best friend when it comes to
bringing some order to your
list. It can be used to delete,
move or rename channels,
or to perform an automatic
channel sorting. Thanks to
several favourites lists you
(and all the other members
of your family with their in-
dividual favourites list) will
find your favourite channels
in next to no time at all.
Now that the Jiuzhou re-
ceiver is tailored to your
needs and those of your
satellite antenna(s) it’s fi-
nally time to check out how
it performs its core task: TV
and radio reception. To start
with, we should emphasise
the DTS6695’s video and
audio quality, which is noth-
ing short of brilliant and was
able to impress everybody
in our editorial offices.
Every time a new chan-
nel is called up the receiver
shows a smartly designed
info bar for a few seconds,
which displays the name of
the current and next event.
With the help of the receiv-
er’s clearly laid out EPG it
is even possible to use it as
a seven-day TV guide, as
long as individual channels
transmit the required data.
Zapping equals fun with
the DTS6695, since chan-
nels can be grouped into
favourites lists and are thus
always at your fingertips.
Speaking of zapping: It
only takes about one sec-
ond until the selected chan-
nel appears on screen so
there’s nothing in the way
of exploring the wide range
of channel offerings. Thanks
to the neat info bar we
were always kept up to date
about current and upcoming
events as well.
The comprehensive range
of features of the new Jiu-
zhou receiver is rounded
off with an OSD teletext
decoder, an audio option
to switch between different
audio tracks (if provided by
the channel) and a subtitle
mode. We even discovered
a handy little feature of
the channel list which al-
lows searching for a specific
channel by keying in the
first letter(s) of its name.
If you need to change be-
tween DVB-T and DVB-S/
S2 reception there is a dedi-
cated button on the remote
and we found that switch-
ing worked flawlessly in any
When we mentioned the
USB interface on the front
panel earlier on you might
have guessed already that
the DTS6695 comes with
PVR capability. The USB
socket can be used to at-
tach an external storage
11. Software upgrades can be performed via satellite or with a USB
12. MP3 playback
13. JPEG picture viewer
14. The DTS6695 is able to play back video files with a variety of
15. Playback of a HD video in H.264 format
16. Playback of a HD video in Divx format
17. Channel list with satellite selection
18. TELE-satellite website as displayed on the LCD TV using the
DTS6695 browser
19. Info bar with title of current and next event
20. EPG
21. Interactive multimedia services of Bayerischer Rundfunk
22. Extended EPG
23. Interactive multimedia services of Bayerischer Rundfunk
24. Interactive multimedia services of Sat.1
25. Video on demand via Internet