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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
Innovative Products
from SatelliteAV
1. A Brian Gohl invention: an antenna mount
with fully adjustable mast leveling on all
axis plus built-in spirit level. “If the bubble is
directly in the middle, the mast is perfectly
vertical”, comments Brian Gohl regarding his
invention that is flexible up to 30° in every
direction. The antenna mount can therefore be
installed on uneven or slightly angled surfaces.
2. The smallest LNBF in the world! At 40mm
they are the same size as the mounting bracket
and can therefore be mounted right next to
each other as can be seen here in a Brian Gohl
designed mount for two satellites with a 4°
offset (installed on a 90cm dish). The multi-
satellite rotating LNBF clamp is designed in
such a way that LNBFs can be independently
positioned as much as necessary in order to
optimize each LNBF for the antenna's focal
point for each satellite. The LNBFs to the left
are narrow but normal in length while the
LNBF to the upper right is shorter and thus the
smallest consumer Ku band LNBF in the world.
A universal version of this LNBF is currently
sold in several European Markets and is
available for OEM production.
3. Although normally very hard to get, at
SatelliteAV they are part of the standard
product line: Ku-band LNBs for prime focus
dishes. They would be used, for example, with
an existing C-band dish that is being converted
to Ku-band use. Normal Ku-band LNBs are
designed for offset dishes and are therefore
not meant for prime focus antennas.
4. Semi-professional 19-inch rack mounted
satellite receivers are supplied by SatelliteAV
under the brand name GEOSATpro. They
come with audio and video outputs desired by
professionals but are far less expensive than
professional rack mounted receivers.