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203 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
1. Satellites Receivers as far as the
eye can see: palette after palette in
SatelliteAV’s large warehouse.
2. This is how a dish with all of its
mounting hardware is packed. “I need
roughly 1:30 minutes to pack a dish
with all of its components”, explains
Armando Rocozco. 1200 of these
complete systems are currently being
shipped every month.
3. Brian Gohl thought of everything
when he put together the dish antenna
package. In addition to the necessary
parts that come with each package,
such as prefabricated coax cable,
you’ll also find things like a compass
and grounding clips. He even thought
of including a sealing kit for the
cable connections. Also included is
a customized printout of azimuth and
elevation values (left side of picture)
based on the customer’s zip code or
postal code.
4. Armando Aorozco works in the
warehouse and is also responsible for
packaging the dish antennas; all of
the dish components are delivered to
SatelliteAV separately. “It’s more cost
effective than having the manufacturer
in Asia package them completely and
ship them”, says SatelliteAV Founder
Brian Gohl.
5. Shipping Manager Rupi Khangura
keeps an eye on things in the
warehouse. He not only oversees and
organizes shipping within the USA
but also incoming shipments from
production facilities in Asia. “One
palette contains 138 90cm dishes”, he
and the new Android 2.3 version there’s
no longer anything standing in the way
of their use in receivers”, Brian Gohl is
Brian Gohl started off with a small
company but turned it into a large firm
with a wide assortment of services. With
his new product creativity he’s able to
look into the future and expand his op-
eration to customers outside of North
America. SatelliteAV is on the road to
becoming a global player.