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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
The GEOSATpro receiver was the first
FTA product in the USA to introduce au-
tomatic receiver programming via sat-
ellite. All GEOSATpro receivers are kept
up-to-date via two satellite streams:
one stream is used to keep the firmware
updated while the second stream keeps
the channel programming current.
“When we started with this system in
2006, we coordinated with 18 channels
from 10 different Christian providers. In
2011 it’s grown to 67 channels from 45
providers”, explains Brian Gohl.
SatelliteAV’s success is actually great-
er if you analyze the situation in the USA
a little closer. For satellite viewers in
North America there are only three ar-
eas where they can watch free TV: the
first would be foreign language chan-
nels for all the different ethnic groups.
For English-language viewers that is ir-
relevant; all that remains for them are
the religious oriented channels that
don’t encrypt their programming. The
third group of freely receivable chan-
nels would be feed transmissions al-
though this is more for satellite enthu-
siasts who have a motorized antenna as
well as some necessary patience. As a
satellite enthusiast himself, Brian Gohl
is in the process of developing some-
thing for that segment, but more on
that later.
In just a few years Brian Gohl, with
his GLORYSTAR system and the know-
how and organizational expertise of
his partner PowerON, has won over a
very important group of FTA viewers in
North America. “We are working with
a partner in Canada and in Mexico our
branch office there is run by Jonathan
McCallie”, comments Brian Gohl on the
activities of these groups. Jonathan Mc-
Callie came up with the name GLORY-
STAR. “Today we have 15 employees
that work for GLORYSTAR as well as two
employees in Mexico”, comments Brian
How successful is GLORYSTAR in the
sales of their satellite systems? “In 2005
we sold roughly 5,500 complete sys-
tems. That number increased to 10,000
in 2011 and for 2012 we’re expecting a
further increase of 15%”, reveals Brian
Gohl and then continues, “SatelliteAV,
as a manufacturer and wholesaler,
sold an additional 1000 complete sys-
tems, 5000 receivers and 20,000 LNBFs
through their reseller network in 2005.
Those numbers remained relatively
constant over the years and for 2012
we’re expecting an increase.”
Let’s turn away from GLORYSTAR’s
activities and have a look at what whole-
saler and manufacturer SatelliteAV has
to offer: “In 2005 we founded a new
brandname, GEOSATpro, under which
we offer C-band, Ku-band and C/Ku-
band LNBs, installation kits and satellite
dishes ranging in size from 90cm to 2.4
meters.” In 2007 SatelliteAV expanded
its receiver production. “In 2007 we in-
troduced the first PVR SD receiver to
the North American market that in 2009
was expanded to include automatic pro-
gramming via satellite. This was also a
first for the North American market”,
reports Brian Gohl proudly on his com-
pany’s innovations.
Other innovative creations from Brian
Gohl, the satellite enthusiast that con-
sistently works on new ideas, include a
mast insert with built-in bubble level, a
Ku-band LNB bracket for two LNBs off-
set by 4° that is so flexible that it can be
used anywhere in the USA plus an es-
pecially interesting highlight: “We offer
the world’s smallest LNB!” explains Bri-
an Gohl referring to the 40mm narrow
LNB that is the same size as the LNB
bracket thus allowing two of these LNBs
to be mounted right next to each other.
“They are not only extremely small, but
also extremely sensitive across the en-
tire frequency spectrum”, comments
Brian Gohl.
With this LNB he has locked himself
into a small but nice market segment.
“These LNBs are ideally matched to our
90cm dish; the built-in feed of the LNB
Customer reported problems can be
dealt with here as can the testing of new
software versions. Technical Manager
Eugene Zaikin is seen here testing the
correct function of a receiver.