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199 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
Sure enough, Brian Gohl packed his
things and moved to Sacramento in
northern California. Satellite AV took
over a portion of the PowerON ware-
house and offices with new partner,
Brent Kelley as CEO and a short time
later brought on Kevin Hardy, CFO.
PowerON had something that Satel-
liteAV was missing: enormous technical
expertise and an expansive Call Center
Now SatelliteAV entered a new busi-
ness sector: the company began of-
fering satellite reception systems for
Christian channels under the name
GLORYSTAR. The reality is that all of
the different Christian channel opera-
tors don’t want to or are unable to de-
vote staffing and resources to support
the distribution, installation and techni-
cal support of FTA systems, but on the
other hand are dependent on their fu-
ture customers successfully setting up
and then maintaining a satellite recep-
tion system.
Brian Gohl explains the procedure like
this: “The Christian channels advertise
using every possible local media outlet.
These ads direct potential customers
to call a specific telephone number to
order a satellite system so that these
people can watch their TV channel.”
Since GLORYSTAR offers this service to
nearly every Christian TV provider, all
of these telephone calls, regardless of
what number is actually dialed by the
end-users, end up in SatelliteAV’s Call
Center. “Depending on the program-
ming operator, our employees answer
using that providers name”, explains
Brian Gohl.
At this point Brian Gohl’s hobby activ-
ities come fully into play: the customers
that want to receive these TV channels
get not just a typical satellite receiver
system that you can buy almost any-
where, but rather a special system
specifically designed for Christian TV
channels. “We offer a special satellite
receiver that can be operated in two
different modes”, explains Brian Gohl,
“either in normal mode like any other
receiver or you activate the GLORYSTAR
programming. In this second mode, the
menu is greatly simplified since the
Christian channels and transponders
are already preprogrammed. The cus-
tomer really can’t do anything wrong.”
Nothing functions without
bookkeeping. Senior Accountant Hope
Lothrop organizes all of the invoices
and keeps an eye out on all company