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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
the number of readers are simply too
low, the start of your own customer
magazine is an interesting alternative.
“10% of our profits go to marketing”,
explains Tibor Posta, “and it just so
happens that our magazine is part of
that marketing.”
He’s not only active in local market-
ing; he actually has some far reaching
plans and ideas: “Content is missing
here in Hungary. I’ve been giving a lot
of thought to starting a TV channel.”
P-SAT could possibly start its own P-TV
channel via IPTV or satellite as early
as 2012. “I’m currently in negotiations
with a number of TV rights owners”,
reveals Tibor Posta. He has managed
to go from nothing to an ever-increas-
ingly successful company thanks to
his non-stop diligence. One thing is
for sure, Tibor Posta is never short of
1. Should there be a problem with a
receiver, Technical Manager Mátyás Nagy
quickly takes care of the repairs.
2. Warehouse Manager Csanád Posta
keeps everything organized in the
warehouse. Yes, before you ask, he is
owner Tibor Posta’s son.