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12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
1. Multi LNB reception is standard at P-SAT. For every make of
dish that P-SAT sells, they have a matching Multi LNB mount. A
metal shop under contract to P-SAT manufactures the mounts for
all the different dish variants. “Reception of ASTRA at 19.2 east,
HOTBIRD at 13 east, EUTELSAT at 9 east and AMOS at 4 west are
the most popular here in Hungary”, says Tibor Posta as he holds
a multi LNB mount up to the camera. The advantage of such a
prefabricated solution is that the customer or installer only needs
to swap out the original mount for the multi LNB mount, align the
antenna to the satellite in the dish’s focal point and there you have
it, all the other satellites are correctly aligned automatically. The
elevation is also displayed on the mount. Multi satellite reception
has never been easier!
2. Contrary to nearly every other specialized store, Tibor Posta
specifically chose the supermarket type system in which the
customers can freely look around and touch any product they
might be interested in. All of the products are, like in the real
TESCO supermarket located diagonally across the street, nicely
organized and labeled with little cards that also show the price.
“We’ve already had customers walk in and find a product that they
had no idea we even carried. Yet these products have always been
in our price lists!” That is the small but significant difference: give
the customers an opportunity to look at and touch the products
themselves and the decision to buy anything becomes that much
easier than first looking it up in a catalog or a product list that
they might not have even known existed in the first place. But
Tibor Posta is aware of the drawbacks of having such an open
supermarket type of store: “We naturally have cameras installed
everywhere.” He then adds, “Roughly 25% of our customers are
end users; the remainder are professional dealers and installers.”