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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
used to connect to the LNB
on the satellite dish. Power
to the LNB is supplied by the
5110Pro itself. The manu-
facturer specifies that the
meter should last for about
four hours on a single charge
and this should be more than
enough time for a typical in-
stallation. However, if you find
that a little more time is need-
ed at the installation site, the
meter can also be powered by
the satellite receiver. That’s
where the second “F” connec-
tor on the left side comes in.
Ordinarily, the left connec-
tor isn’t needed unless sup-
plemental power is needed.
The two female-to-female “F”
type adapters supplied in the
package are used to connect
the meter to any existing coax
Oddly enough, though, the
two male “F” connectors on
the meter are not marked in
any way on the casing; we
had to refer to the user manu-
al in order to figure out which
connector did what. There are
also no markings for the ports
on the bottom of the 5110Pro
but in this case it was easy
to figure out what they were
for just by looking at the type
of connector that was being
On the bottom of the ana-
lyzer you’ll find the charging
port for the two power adapt-
ers (home and car), a USB
port to link the meter with a
PC and a number of slats be-
hind which is located the me-
ter’s speaker. The front panel
of the meter consists of an
LCD display and a keyboard.
The display is 6.2 x 4.6mm in
size and is divided into five
different sections. We’ll get
more into this a little later.
The keyboard is located under
the display and is made up of
a numerical keypad as well as
a number of additional color-
ed function buttons.
According to the manufac-
turer, the meter should be
fully charged before it’s used
for the first time. The charg-
ing process should take about
four hours but no more than
six hours to complete. An
LED on the front panel of the
analyzer lights up red indi-
cating that the meter is be-
ing charged by the external
power supply. This LED turns
green when the meter is
turned on and the power cord
is removed.
To turn on the 5110Pro, mo-
mentarily push the red POW-
ER button on the front panel.
If the meter has never been
used before, the display will
not show any data except for