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77 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro
Digital Satellite Meter
Helps enormously to install
any satellite dish
LEXIUM is quickly becom-
ing a recognized name when
it comes to satellite receivers
and test equipment. WS In-
ternational, a global distribu-
tor of the most up to date &
current DTH (Direct to home)
satellite equipment includ-
ing MPEG2 & MPEG4, DVB-
S & DVB-S2 equipment has
distribution branches based
out of Atlanta, Georgia, Los
Angeles, California and with
sales & development offices
in Zhuhai and Guangzhou
China markets the LEXIUM
brand name world-wide. Just
a few months ago, in fact, it
was in the 12-01/2012 issue
of this magazine, TELE-sat-
ellite introduced the LEXIUM
FastAlign 7100Pro satellite
signal analyzer. The 7100Pro
boasted the unique capability
of identifying the name of a
satellite as soon as the meter
showed a lock. The LEXIUM
line of digital satellite sig-
nal meters, up until recently,
also included the FastAlign
5100Pro. With all this going
for them, did they feel the
need to sit back and relax af-
ter these success stories? Did
they feel that their job was
done? No, not at all. Instead,
the engineers went straight
back to work.
The result of their efforts
is the LEXIUM FastAlign
5110Pro. The 5110Pro is actu-
ally a direct replacement for
their very popular 5100Pro
model. Of course, when we
heard about this new meter,
we wanted to find out more
about it. If it’s anything like
the 7100Pro, then this new
meter should be just as excit-
ing, even more so. Once again
our friends at WS Internation-
al provided us with a sample
of the FastAlign 5110Pro so
that we could have a little fun
with it and see what all the
fuss is about.
The 5110Pro signal meter
comes packaged in a nice,
small box along with all of its
accessories including two bat-
tery chargers – one for a wall
outlet and another one for the
car, two female-to-female “F”
type adapters, a USB cable
and a handy carrying strap.
There’s also a 24-page Eng-
lish-language user manual.
So, let’s look at the me-
ter itself. The 5110Pro is a
handheld digital signal ana-
lyzer that is small enough to
fit in one hand. The internal
electronics are enclosed in a
sturdy black plastic case that
is 142 x 82 x 35mm in size.
The case itself is encased in
a bright yellow rubberized
cover that acts as a shock ab-
sorber; it will help protect the
analyzer if it should ever fall
to the ground. The rubberized
cover can easily be removed
if you ever need to access
the battery compartment.
At just a hair over 1.0 pound
in weight, the meter is very
easy to carry around with you
wherever you have to go. So,
it’s no trouble to climb that
ladder to the top of that roof
with the 5110Pro hanging on
your shoulder; you won’t even
know it’s there.
The meter sports a pair of
male “F” type connectors on
the top side of the unit. The
connector on the right side is