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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
range. It has to do with the NOAA polar
satellites that transmit weather images
that are freely receivable.” With this
antenna he can always check live what
the weather is like at that particular mo-
ment. “It’s also FTA even though there’s
no TV or radio; but very few people
know about this free service.”
He is always busy modifying his an-
tenna system and installing new dishes.
“Whenever I travel out of the country
I always bring something back for my
reception system; it could be a multi-
switch, an LNB or a new receiver.” The
channels that he enjoys the most are
the Russian channels CTC on TELSTAR
12 and Russia Today on INTELSAT 9.
There’s a reason for this: “When I was
younger I heard Radio Moscow for the
first time on my father’s shortwave ra-
dio. I was fascinated by that and won-
dered how people lived on the other
side of the world. Today, thanks to sat-
ellites, I can watch TV from these coun-
tries!” He also likes to watch the news
channels on CCTV from China as well as
NHK from Japan. He finds particularly
interesting the channels Rede TV and
TV Scola from Brazil on STARONE C2.
Oscar Campos is the master of his own
satellite station with which he watches
channels from all over the world in the
best quality right in his home in San-
The large 2.4-meter
antenna he uses for
analog signal reception.