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253 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
Satellite reception is nothing new for
Oscar Campos, he worked for many
years at an earth station. His employ-
er was the Chilean Telecommunica-
tions company ENTEL and he worked
at he Longovilo teleport southwest of
the Chilean capital of Santiago as an
electrical engineer. That’s already nine
years ago but since then he’s managed
to construct his own satellite reception
system at his home.
“The dishes are here on my terrace”,
he explains to us. He refers to them as
his mascots. “I don’t have a cat or a
dog; I have my dish antennas to take
care of”, he says smiling.
He has an array of 70cm dishes:
“Here on the left side is the dish aligned
to TELSATR 12 at 15W; the antenna
on the right side is pointed to SATMEX
6 at 113W”, he points out. He uses a
DiSEqC multiswitch to switch between
the antennas and two FTA receivers.
“This setup lets me receive channels
from all over the world including chan-
nels in Chinese, Russian, Arabic as well
as many European channels and, of
course, channels from Brazil, Argentina
and Chile.”
When he looks for new channels he
makes use of a motorized test antenna
that he has mounted on a pedestal. “I
mounted this 90cm antenna in the in-
verted position so that I could also re-
ceive satellites at very low elevations.”
For the C-band Oscar Campos uses
a 1.8-meter dish on which he mounted
expansion panels to convert it into a
2.4-meter antenna. “I use it to receive
the analog channels from Brazil but this
won’t last too much longer; at some
point the analog channels will be turned
off.” In return though he also receives
the very new 3D and HD channels in
An interesting feature in his anten-
na park is a helix antenna. “It’s a QFH
Quadri Filar Helix antenna that I use
to receive APT signals in the 137 MHz