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105 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
Using iPAD and iPhone with
AirPlayer Plugin
1. As soon as the AZBox ME has been chosen as AirPlay server the
photo on the iPad display will also appear on the TV panel.
2. It does of course also work that way with the iPhone.
Starting the AirPlayer Plugin
3. After successful installation of the AirPlayer plugin and a
re-start of the receiver the AirPlayer plugin will appear on the list
of available plugins.
4. If you activate the plugin you can initiate the AirPlayer service
and also make changes to its settings, if required.
5. Once the plugin indicates that the service is active you may use
your iPad or iPhone to send pictures and videos from your mobile
device directly to the AZBox ME via your WiFi network, and from
the receiver to your TV.
6. The picture that is currently selected is presented on your
panel without further ado!
Using Custom Plugin-Server
7. The plugin menu does not only give you access to all installed
plugins, but theoretically also allows convenient installation of
new plugins that are downloaded from a dedicated plugin server.
8. You need to go to the Manage Extension menu item, which can
be called up with the red button on your remote control.
9. Now it is possible to manually set up plugin servers. The
receiver then checks all these for available files and creates a list
with all plugins, skins, channels lists etc. that can be downloaded
from those servers.
10. You can select any number of plugins, all of which will be
installed or uninstalled automatically at the end of the routine.