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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
presentation with friends,
where anybody with an iOS
device or Android mobile/
tablet can show their pic-
tures and videos on the TV.
In a word: brilliant!
This example goes to show
that manual plugin installa-
tion is nothing to be afraid
of. There is, however, an-
other option that is even
more convenient: All you
need to do is copy another
file with the extension *.conf
into the /etc/opkg directory
of the AZBox ME. This CONF
file contains information as
to where the plugin server
is located. This way it even
becomes possible to tap into
plugin servers of other firm-
ware versions.
The *.conf file can be
named as you like and con-
sists of a command line with
the following format:
src/gz openpli-azboxme
If, for example, you create
a text file with this line using
Notepad on your PC, save it
under ‘test.conf’ and copy
it to the /etc/opkg directory
of the AZBox ME using FTP.
All of a sudden there will be
available many more plugins,
skins, system extension etc.
when you press Manage Ex-
tensions (red button on the
remote) in the Plugin menu.
A little bit of patience and
some hunting instincts will
give you many more plu-
gin and extension servers
thanks to Google, and even
if a plugin you want to have
is not available in any reposi-
tory you can always decide
to install it manually – now
that you know how to do it.
A word of caution: We all
now from experience that
we sometimes go overboard
with software experiments,
and AZBox ME plugins are
no exception. It may happen
that the operating system is
damaged and the receiver
will not re-start.
In such a case renewed
flashing of the firmware will
quickly get you out of trou-
Owners of the AZBox ME in
particular need not worry too
much: Their box comes with
a switch on the back panel
which can always program a
working bootloader into the
flash memory. For more de-
tails about that handy fea-
ture see our AZBox ME test
report in TELE-satellite 02-
The only thing you have
to take very seriously is a
backup of all settings, which
you should always create be-
fore you start experiment-
ing. Now that you know all
about FTP it is child’s play to
copy the entire /etc/tuxbox
directory to the PC in order
to have a backup of your
channels lists. If things go
astray on the AZBox ME you
only need to copy that direc-
tory onto the receiver and all
is well and good again.
Conclusion: Even all by it-
self the AZBox ME is a great
device. But if you make use
of available plugins and sys-
tem extensions which can be
installed manually or from
dedicated plugin servers you
enter a whole new world of
virtually endless possibilities
for your AZBox ME.
Using iPAD and iPhone with
AirPlayer Plugin
1. If you tap on the shown photo the AirPlay icon appears in the
top right corner. Here you select the required AirPlay server that
will receive the photo or video.
2. Of course it works just as nicely with the iPhone.
3. If the plugin is installed correctly the AZBox ME will act as
AirPlay server.