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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
Sales Team
24. Alvin is in charge of the Sales Team. In the past you
could find him at almost any trade show. Today, though,
he works more out of his office. He is constantly in
contact with international customers. The Calligraphy
on the wall means “If you work hard, you’ll get
25. If you want to purchase GOOSAT products as a dealer or distributor,
you’ll end up with the Sales Team. 35 employees handle orders that come
in from around the world. Currently, the majority of GOOSAT’s exports
land with customers in The Middle East as well as Europe although the
new markets emerging in South America (ISDB-T) and Africa (DVB-T2) have
recently come into the focus of GOOSAT’s Sales Managers.