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171 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
Receiver Assembly
18. Each and every circuit board is functionally checked before final
19. Production samples are tested. Six work stations are available for the
eight quality inspectors. Using modern test equipment these inspectors
check the functions of production samples. The ISO standard dictates exactly
how many samples must be tested based on manufacturing conditions.
20. Final assembly takes place here: the completed circuit boards along with
the power supply are installed in the housing. Eight of these assembly lines
are operated by GOOSAT in this section; 300 employees work here per shift.
21. A completed receiver. Before it is packaged or sent as a production
sample to quality control, it is given a quick check here of its critical
22. GOOSAT also manufactures TVs. An employee is seen here testing the
functions of a 32” LCD model.
23. A special feature with GOOSAT TVs: the Plug&Play receiver slot on
the side of the TV. Either a DVB-S or a DVB-S2 tuner can be inserted here
depending on what the customer wants. Models with DVB-T are also available
for Europe.