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99 —
04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
all technical possibilities by
providing shift viewing, for
example, without the need
for a physical storage me-
dium. IPTV reception allows
to pause the live program at
any given time and to con-
tinue again from that very
point at a later stage.
KartinaTV even offers
content that was broadcast
within the four preceding
days on any channel of the
line-up. This is a major ad-
vantage of streaming con-
tent over the Internet. An-
other major benefit of IPTV
when compared to DVB-T or
DVB-S is video-on-demand
(VOD). KartinaTV runs an
extensive library, offering
its subscribers individual
content from a total of 27
different categories. Every
VOD movie comes with a
comprehensive summary,
IMDB rating, number of re-
quests within the KartinaTV
network and cover view. The
VOD database has some-
thing in store for everyone
and will please the kids with
the latest animated block-
buster just as well as their
parents with a suspense
movie or romantic comedy.
Never again will you say
“there’s nothing on TV to-
night!” VOD content can of
course be paused and con-
tinued at any given time and
the integrated search func-
tion of the KartinaTV appli-
cation will guide you through
the vast content library so
that you can really find the
movie that’s right for you.
On our voyage of discov-
ery through the Spark soft-
ware’s KartinaTV application
we discovered many great
features and quite some
pleasant surprises. It was
simply great to find out how
perfect implementation of
all KartinaTV features can
turn a DVB-S/S2 receiver
into a fully-functional IPTV
receiver. KartinaTV worked
flawlessly and reacted swift-
ly in a variety of different
test scenarios. Thanks to its
excellent video quality and
generous default features
IPTV has the potential to be-
come a worthwhile alterna-
tive or addition to satellite
As far as KartinaTV is con-
cerned, it primarily targets
Russian speakers all over the
world who don’t have access
to satellites that transmit
channels from Russia. For
them, Fulan’s Spark operat-
ing software is a reliable and
technically sound option.
13. VOD movie selection
14. Each movie comes
with a detailed summary
15. It is possible to
search for a specific title.
16. The channel line-up
is rounded off by a
FullHD channel with
outstanding video
17. KartinaTV is already
offering 3D content from
time to time, using side-
by-side transmission