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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
formed a small-scale field
test with colleagues and vis-
itors to our editorial office
and showed them satellite
TV channels alongside IPTV
channels from KartinaTV:
The result of our experiment
was that none of these per-
sons was able to tell which
was satellite TV and which
was IPTV. What’s more,
the KartinaTV FullHD chan-
nel even prompted some to
believe they were watching
a Blu-ray movie. While this
is a tad far-fetched and will
not hold its own under pro-
fessional examination, it still
goes to show that the Kar-
tinaTV video quality is a far
cry from early IPTV trials.
One of the great aspects
of KartinaTV is that SD
channels don’t require more
than a 1 Mb/s Internet con-
nection for reliable recep-
tion (with KartinaTV recom-
mending 1.8 Mb/s). If you’re
going for HD or even FullHD
resolution we found the min-
imum to be 2 Mb/s and Kar-
tinaTV recommends 8 Mb/s.
Even though, most Internet
connections these days will
easily be capable enough
for stable reception of Karti-
naTV and its IPTV channels.
We all turn into couch po-
tatoes every once in a while
and don’t want to leave our
place in front of the telly no
matter what. For an evening
like that it is paramount to
know what’s on TV – and the
KartinaTV EPG delivers bril-
liantly. Not only is it a vir-
tually endless well of infor-
mation, it also presents all
information quickly and in a
very user-friendly way.
In our test we were able to
call up EPG data for a total
of 14 days for all channels
on the list, with information
being available four days
into the past and ten days
into the future. The current
program stays on screen in
a small window while the
EPG is active, which means
commercial breaks can be
used conveniently to browse
the electronic TV guide and
there’s no risk of missing a
single second of the broad-
cast you’re watching.
Most receivers running the
Spark operating software do
not come with an integrated
hard disk and can only be
turned into a fully-fledged
PVR for DVB-S/S2 or DVB-
T channels with an external
storage medium. It’s a dif-
ferent story with IPTV and
KartinaTV makes full use of
8. A dedicated button in EPG
mode can be used to quickly
switch to another channel
9. Current and next events as
shown in the info bar
10. EPG data for MTV HD
11. Time shift viewing is
integrated in the Spark
operating software. It allows
to pause and continue
viewing at any time
12. The vast VOD library
is grouped into various
categories, which makes it
easy to navigate