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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
8. C-SPAN live via the
Logitech Revue
9. A SmartPhone can
control the Logitech
Revue box via a WiFi
connection. A one-time
code entry is needed to
activate it.
10. Selection of satellite or
cable providers
11. Thanks to the picture-
in-picture function (PIP),
live TV can be viewed
simultaneously with
multimedia content
service in the USA. For a
flat monthly rate a month,
you can have DVDs and Blue
Ray discs mailed to you. You
can even watch movies, TV
series, etc. online. You can
choose from a wide variety
of Hollywood productions
as well as a rich assortment
of brand new episodes of
the most popular TV series.
You can have a Netflix ac-
count for less than $10USD
a month.
And just like YouTube, Netf-
lix is also presented by the
Logitech Revue in its own
OSD. Once a title has been
chosen, it is streamed di-
rectly via the Internet to the
Logitech Revue box.
Instant Video
Amazon Instant Video is
similar in concept but in this
case the user doesn‘t pay
a flat monthly rate, instead
the user pays for each indi-
vidual movie.
Unlike Netflix, here the
user receives a long-term
license that allows users to
view and replay a movie as
often as they want. This op-
tion costs just a little less
than the selling price of a
DVD; current Hollywood
hits are available for around
Napster, Pandora
NBA Game Time
The Logitech Revue pro-
vides unrestricted access
to the Napster platform and
thereby gives you the abil-
ity to buy music online and
directly play it back. And
thanks to the fully integrated
Pandora streaming service,
users can access their favor-
ite music streams directly
from their living room couch.
Naturally, the entire Pan-
dora concept was carried
over to the Logitech Revue,
in other words, the user can
is divided into two large sec-
On the left side you‘ll find
the various menu selections
while on the right side are
all the corresponding sub-
entries and details.
The box is shipped from
the factory with its book-
mark section set up for Live
TV (via an HDMI linked set
top box), YouTube, Netflix,
Amazon Instant Video, Logi-
tech Vid HD as well as the
box‘s Help system.
If you click on the Appli-
cations icon under the main
menu, you‘ll then have ac-
cess to more than two dozen
apps that can be used to ac-
cess nearly all the multime-
dia services that are avail-
able via the Internet in the
USA. The most important of
them are:
The well-known and popu-
lar video platform YouTube
has been fully integrated
into the Logitech Revue such
that all of the features can
be accessed through its own
OSD display. You can also
search for specific videos or
view the most popular vid-
eos at the moment with the
push of one button.
The quality of the video
playback is outstanding; if
the clip is available on You-
Tube in high definition, the
box will also display it in high
Netflix is a very popular