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73 —
02-03/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
In order to take advantage
of all the Google TV services
that are available, the user
must have a Google account
which would then be ac-
cessed in the next step.
And last but not least, the
Logitech Revue asks about
the available TV and audio
equipment. But before any-
thing else, the local zip code
in the USA needs to be en-
tered so that the box can
display a list of all the local
and regional cable and satel-
lite providers whose receiv-
ers can then be controlled by
the Logitech Revue.
Since the keyboard for
the Logitech revue includes
a built-in universal remote
control for TVs and A/V re-
ceivers, the final step of the
initial installation involves
setting up these compo-
Unlike the product and
manufacturer codes that are
used by many other univer-
sal remote controls and that
have to be picked out from
a long list, the Logitech Re-
vue lets you select a manu-
facturer from a list and then
choose the exact product
that you have. It then identi-
fies the correct remote con-
trol codes from its internal
Once the initial installation
has been completed, the
box automatically switches
over to the main menu that
1. Dozens of applications are
ready to be used
2. New releases at Netflix
3. The CNBC Business channel.
In addition to the live TV
picture, up to date stock
prices plus additional
information is blended in.
4. TELE-satellite‘s homepage
as viewed on the Logitech
Revue through Google Chrome
5. NBA Game Time
6. Various System Settings