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63 —
02-03/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
1. The Tivizen App Start Screen
2. The Tivizen App’s Main Menu with the channel list entries on
the right side.
3. Multiple settings can be easily handled through the App.
4. Sorting the available channels
5. The time shift buffer memory size can be increase or
decreased as needed.
6. Thanks to its multitasking capabilities, the App can play the
current channel along with its audio in the background while
another app is active.
screen; this allows the user
to quickly access the Tivi-
zen App to set up a WiFi
connection. This is sup-
ported by the iPhone 4, the
iPhone 3GS, the iPad as
well as the iPad 2 and also
the third and fourth gener-
ations of the iPod Touch. On
the software side, the iOS
version 4.2 or newer must
be installed.
If the Tivizen App is be-
ing started for the first
time, it will ask the user to
select a location. The user
can choose from Australia,
Austria, Belgium, China,
Croatia, The Czech Re-
public, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Greece,
Great Britain, Hong Kong,
Hungary, Iceland, India, In-
donesia, Ireland, Italy, Lux-
embourg, Macau, Malaysia,
New Zeeland, The Nether-
lands, Norway, Portugal,
The Russian Federation,
San Marino, Singapore,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
South Africa, Sweden,
Switzerland, Thailand, Tur-
key, Ukraine as well as the
United Arab Emirates.
After pushing the Chan-
nel Scan button, the Tivi-
zen will perform a search
across the entire frequency
spectrum for any receiv-
able signals. In our tests
this scan was completed
in about 80 seconds on an
iPad 2 or iPhone 4 whereby
it found every useable DVB-
T frequency and stored
them completely and cor-
rectly. The ability to per-
form a manual scan of in-
dividual frequencies was
unfortunately not included
in the App by the manufac-
Immediately after the
scan is completed, the Tivi-
zen App switches over to
the channel list and dis-
plays all of the channels
that were found. We es-
pecially liked the display