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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
a little concerned that the
telescopic antenna is thin-
nest at the bottom where it
connects to the Tivizen box
and fattest at the top of
the antenna unlike a typical
antenna where it would be
thickest at the bottom and
gets thinner towards the
The only thing still miss-
ing is the software. For the
iPhone, iPad or the iPod
Touch, the correct software
can be downloaded free of
charge from the iTunes App
Store. But Elgato didn’t for-
get the owners of PCs or
MACs; the necessary down-
load information is included
with the Tivizen as well as
the required license codes
for EyeTV (Mac) and Ter-
raTec Home Cinema (MS
We appreciated the fact
that after starting the App
precise information was
given on how a connec-
tion between the Tivizen
and the iPhone, iPad or
iPod Touch is created. The
manufacturer also provided
short but detailed notes on
the operation of the DVB-T
receiver. This information
can also be found on the
To create a connection
the settings menu in the
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
needs to be accessed and
a search for new WiFi net-
works started. As long as
the Tivizen is turned on the
network will appear as its
own entry and therefore
can easily be selected. To
clarify once again: the com-
munication between the
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
and the Tivizen is made
possible through the set up
of a WiFi network that is
operated by the Tivizen. It
comes delivered from the
factory without the need to
enter a keyword.
By double-pushing the
Home button, the iPhone,
iPad or iPod Touch displays
a list of currently running
Apps at the bottom of the
charged battery could pro-
vide up to 210 minutes of
uninterrupted TV enjoy-
ment and since the battery
can easily be swapped out,
TV-aholics can simply carry
a spare with them.
On the right side is a sin-
gle button that turns the
Tivizen on and off. Right
next to this button is a
small hole inside which is
a recessed reset button;
sticking a paperclip into
this hole will reset the Tivi-
zen to factory settings.
Momentarily pressing the
button on the right side
lights up two of the three
LEDs (TV operation and
capacity) on the top of the
Tivizen. The third LED in-
dicates the existence of a
WiFi network.
It doesn’t matter how
strong the DVB-T signals
are, the hidden telescopic
antenna in the top left side
of the Tivizen should be
pulled out. When it is fully
extended it is 16cm long.
The hinge at the bottom of
the antenna lets you ad-
just it 360° for best pos-
sible reception. We were
Contents of the package:
Tivizen DVB-T receiver,
USB cable, software
download card and