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25 —
02-03/2012 —
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such a way that there is no
conflict between them.
• Attempt to timer record
two overlapping programs
on the same transponder.
Result: the receiver didn‘t
have any problems here; it
can handle multiple record-
ings on the same transpon-
At this point we wanted to
test how well suited the AZ-
Box ME would be for satellite
DXers. Somewhat different
criteria are important here.
Satellite DXers want to be
able to receive rare or weak
signals. Most of the time this
involves feeds, that is, brief
transmissions such as with
live broadcasts.
In many cases these
transmissions are unedited,
something that can be very
entertaining especially if you
happen to catch a blooper
or some other mishap that
would normally not make it
to the regular transmission.
Many feeds are encrypted,
but luckily not all of them.
But often enough the MPEG
4:2:2 format is used which
can handle a larger color