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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
check out the functions.
Channel surfing was clocked
at 2-3 seconds between FTA
HD channels and 1-2 seconds
for FTA SD channels. The
EPG information was dis-
played very nicely; you can
select from different display
modes and even lengthier
program descriptions are to-
tally readable. The PVR func-
tions are also available with
this image as they were with
the Boot (0) image.
The Timeshift function can
be activated at any time - all
you have to do is push the
Pause button. Oddly enough,
the real Pause function was
programmed into the yellow
Recordings are not started
with the Record button (this
switched the receiver over to
radio mode) but rather with
the red button. We‘re deal-
ing here with a contradiction
in the keyboard layout that is
due to the OpenSource Linux
operating system. Neverthe-
less, it didn‘t take long to get
used to this arrangement.
Recordings can be started
at any time, although we
were much more interested
in how easy it would be to
program a recording and if
the receiver could correctly
handle this programmed re-
cording coming out of stand-
by mode. We came up with
the following situations:
• Recording from Standby
with the antenna already
pointed at the correct satel-
Result: the recording
was handled without any
• Recording while watch-
ing another channel in which
the antenna was pointed at
a different satellite.
no problems here either.
The AZBox ME promptly
displayed a message on the
screen that because of a
timer recording the satellite
has to be changed. It then
switched to the programmed
channel. Outstanding!
• Attempt to timer record
two overlapping programs
on two different transpon-
Result: in this case the
receiver displayed a mes-
sage that involved two over-
lapping programs. The user
needs to select recordings in