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103 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
this feature that you do not
ever want to switch back to
traditional an information
box with only present event
shown. Other satellite receiv-
ers offer you a possibility to
see the future event after
pressing right arrow. But if
you love channel zapping,
the Icecrypt solution saves
you time and increases the
pleasure of playing with your
Another improvement is
the ability to set the audio
volume as normal, increased
or decreased for every chan-
nel independently. Every sat-
ellite fan will appreciate this
feature. Thanks to that you
can zap channels more com-
fortably without any fear that
suddenly you will wake up
the whole house by entering
a channel with unnaturally
high audio level. Once you
pinpoint such channel, you
set its audio to be 30% down
and every next time you
visit the channel its audio
is somewhat muted. It also
works the other way - if you
find a channel with too low
audio, you can set it individu-
ally to be played 30% louder.
The pleasure of operat-
ing the S3500HDCCI is ad-
ditionally increased due to
trick modes it offers: picture
in picture and mosaic pic-
ture. Picture in picture lets
you easily choose a channel
to monitor in an inset, in-
terchange the main and the
monitored channel or show
them in equal size side by
side. And everything with
just a single button press.
The mosaic shows you 12
frozen screenshots of 12 dif-
ferent channels (assuming
there are 12 or more on the
current transponder) and one
channel active in the middle.
6. Info box can be set to show
present and following events
7. A/V Output Settings
8. Dish Settings
9. Network Settings
10. We installed the free
JpgViewer plugin downloaded
from the Internet
With the arrow buttons you
navigate among the screen-
shots deciding which channel
you want to see live.
An interesting solution –
not so popular in other re-
ceivers - is regarding chan-
nels from a single satellite
like one of the favorite lists.
For example, you can have
the favorite lists: Drama,
Sports, News, but also As-
tra 19.2° E and Hotbird 13°
E. Thank to this, you do not
need to have an extra button
on the remote called SAT or
something like that. We like
this approach and recom-
mend the other manufactur-
ers to adopt this idea.
EPG works in two modes:
grid mode and list mode. The
grid mode is a table in which
a channel name is shown in
the first column while the
channel events are shown
as rectangles in the same
line, to the right of the chan-
nel name. The length of the
rectangle is proportional to
the event duration. The list
mode shows the event titles
of the present channel listed
one below the other. While
the grid mode is more con-
venient when making deci-
sions what to watch on which
channel right now or in the
near future, the list mode
is quicker when you want to
find a favorite event in the
more distant future. EPG
S3500HDCCI allows you not
only to mark an event for
automatic recording but also
to set a reminder. If you do
so, three minutes before the
start of the chosen event,
you will see a message tell-
ing you that in three minutes
your receiver will tune to the
other channel to present you
the event.
All channel edition func-
tions that you may ever need
are there. You can delete,
move, or copy a channel to
one of many favorite lists
and so on. And also here you
have a feeling that the user
interface has been thought