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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
1. Configuration menu
2. Installation menu
3. Storage Manager
4. Service List Manager
5. Recording Options
turned off. The S3500HDCCI
found 894 TV services and
221 radio services. When we
turned the Network option
on, the channel search time
increased to 6 minutes and
20 seconds but the box was
able to find 21 additional TV
services. The scan ended up
with 915 TV and 221 radio
After testing the Automatic
search mode, we did the re-
set to factory defaults and
started the Blindscan. We
set the receiver to scan the
whole band and both polari-
zations. We were prepared
for quite a long wait but to
our great surprise, S3500H-
DCCI was through after
merely 10 minutes and 15
seconds. It announced it had
found 918 TV and 221 radio
channels. The results are im-
pressive. Icecrypt box did a
really good job!
We searched a number of
other satellites using our DiS-
EqC motorized dish as well
as DiSEqC switches: 1x4 and
1x8. Everything worked per-
fectly. Occasionally, S3500H-
DCCI halted during a channel
search and we had to restart
the scan. However, this did
not cause any loss of previ-
ously stored channels.
Channel zapping is fast and
pleasant in S3500HDCCI: less
than one second for the FTA
channels and a little longer
for the scrambled channels
what is natural as descram-
bling takes extra time. An
information box that appears
right after a channel change
is clearly designed and apart
from the typical data, it can
show you something extra. If
set so in the Display menu,
the information box shows
you not only the title and
start and end times of the
present event but also the ti-
tle and start and end times of
the following event. It might
at first sound as a negligi-
ble improvement but after a
very short time of using it,
you feel so comfortable with
the receiver: single, univer-
sal or unicable. Of course, all
LOFs are supported.
There are no fewer but five
channel search modes: Au-
tomatic, Manual, Advanced,
Fast and Blindscan. Auto-
matic scan is a most common
search mode based on the
factory preprogrammed sat-
ellite and transponder data.
There are 162 satellites avail-
able from all over the world!
In the unlikely event that the
satellite you are looking for is
not on the list, you can add
it manually as there are four
user defined positions added
at the bottom of the list. The
Manual search mode let you
choose a specific transpond-
er to search. The Advanced
mode is similar to Manual but
you can define audio, video
PIDs and detect in this way
normally hidden channels.
The Fast mode is a search
dedicated for a particular
satellite provider. Presently
S3500HDCCI has two pos-
sibilities here: Canal Digitaal
and TV Vlaanderen.
The most exciting mode is
naturally the blindscan. The
receiver scans the frequency
band and tries to detect tran-
sponders without referring to
any preprogrammed tran-
sponders data. In this way, it
can discover also the brand
new transponders that did
not operate when the manu-
facturer was releasing the
firmware and created satel-
lite and transponder data
for S3500HDCCI . There is
no need to scan always the
entire band in both polari-
zations. The receiver allows
you to specify narrower fre-
quency range and choose po-
The Automatic search of
ASTRA satellite on 19.2° East
took 3 minutes and 45 sec-
onds with the network option