TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
IPTV Receiver
The All-Inclusive Internet Talent
The LookeeTV box meas-
ures a mere 125 x 55.9 x
mm in size and its
front panel is dominated
by a high-resolution 7” TFT
display in 16:9 format. To
the left and right of the dis-
play are speakers rated at 2
The rear panel at first
glance doesn’t seem all too
impressive; there’s just an
arrow ring button as well
as three buttons to operate
the TV box without a remote
It’s only when you open up
a small flap on the rear panel
that the box reveals all of its
various connections. These
consist of an HDMI output,
an RJ45 network jack, a mini
USB port (also serves as the
power input), a headphone
jack, an SD card reader,
CVBS video and stereo audio
outputs and last but not least
a jack to connect the includ-
ed FM antenna with the Loo-
keeTV box. The on/off but-
ton can be found on the top
of the box and is therefore
very easy to reach.
The remote control in-
cluded by the manufacturer
completely fulfills all of the
requirements that would
be placed on it and also in
terms of its workmanship,
ergonomics and the labeling
of the buttons.
A detailed manual guides
through all of the functions of
the box; the box also comes
with a very logical and easy
to understand OSD such that
most users could easily get
by without the user manual.
In addition to the remote
control and the power sup-
ply, the manufacturer also
includes in the package a
CVBS/stereo audio cable and
a mini-USB cable to link the
box with a PC. All in all, the
overall workmanship of all
the hardware left us with a
very good impression.
In order to be able to use all
of the LookeeTV box’s func-
tions, the first step would
be to create a link with your
router or high-speed modem
so that the box can operate
with an Internet connection.
To that end, all you need to
do is take a look at the 18
different choices in the main
menu whose entries are ar-
ranged in a similar fashion to
the Apps on a SmartPhone.
Selecting “Settings” lets
the user choose a desired
language (the box supports
English, German, French,
simple and traditional Chi-
nese as well as Hebrew) and
access the home network
connection settings.
We liked the fact that in
addition to the RJ45 inter-
face, the manufacturer also
included a WiFi receiver so
that wireless connections
can be set up. All of the nec-
essary functions, such as,
WEP or WPA2 encryption
are available while the SSID
of the desired WLAN can be
entered manually or the box