TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
well as the DVB-ASI out-
put. There’s also an RJ-45
network interface, a 24-volt
input as well as a multidigit
LCD display that shows sta-
tus information.
An HDMI output, a Scart
jack or RCA jacks that you
would find on a normal re-
ceiver can’t be found here
since it simply would make
no sense to have them given
the application of this receiv-
er. Studying the DTE-3137’s
technical datasheet reveals
its baseline data: it’s a DVB-
S/S2 receiver that supports
the QPSK, 8-PSK, 16-APSK
and 32-APSK modulations.
rack. Additionally, the small
size of this receiver also al-
lows as many as 12 of them
to stacked next to each oth-
er in a 19” rack; each piece
measures only 3.5 cm wide.
On the front panel you’ll
find the satellite IF input as
fer of very large amounts
of data. We were also im-
pressed that the DTE-3137
can also be supplied with
power via the Ethernet cable
Power over Ethernet) as
long as the available net-
work hardware supports this
function. Especially when
more than one DTE-3137
will be used, the user can
avoid having to use external
volt power supplies. Of
course, a power supply is in-
cluded in the package since
Power over Ethernet is not
available in every network.
The manufacturer states
that the DTE-3137 uses a
maximum power of 17 watts
and, as is typical with pro-
fessional equipment, there’s
no standby mode. The hard-
ware is designed such that it
can run 24/7.
In addition to the DTE-
and the power supply,
the manufacturer also in-
cluded in the package a USB
stick on which can be found
not only the user manu-
als but also all the required
The built-in tuner receives
signals in the 950 to 2150
MHz range with symbolrates
from 2.0 to 40 Ms/sec. The
manufacturer reports the in-
put sensitivity to be from -30
to -60 dBm and, of course,
all the necessary parameters
needed to receive a satellite
signal (13/18V control volt-
age, 22 kHz signal) are also
The Gigabit network con-
nection is accomplished in
the RJ-45 format and thus
permits the speedy trans-