1 -12/2012
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— 1 -12/2012
The ‘One-Stop’ Meter
Combo Meter for DVB-S and DVB-T
When it comes to launch-
ing signal meters, most
manufacturers have always
opted for one of the follow-
ing two marketing strate-
gies: Either the meter is
particularly small and easy
to carry along, with only a
limited range of features
in exchange, or it is fully-
fledged with a correspond-
ing size and weight. Baotong
engineers have embarked
on a path towards a third
category: small and packed
with features. The Satlink
WS-6936 is the outcome of
all their efforts, and we have
taken a closer look at how
it performs with everyday
The meter measures 12.5
x 20.5 x 4.5 cm and only
weights 0.66 kg, yet it is
so much more than only a
meter. Baotong has even
packed a fully-featured
DVB-S/DVB-T combo receiv-
er into such a small device.
Thanks to its size and er-
gonomic shape the Satlink
WS-6936 sits nicely in your
hand, with a foldout pedes-
tal assisting use and read-
ability on flat surfaces.
The meter is wrapped with
a bright yellow protective
rubber shell which – in com-
bination with the included
bag – keeps out dust, dirt
and moisture and protects
the device from damage
during regular use. The car-
rying bag comes with a con-
venient strap.
In addition to bag and
strap, the meter is shipped
with the obligatory power
unit for charging the built-
in battery of the WS-6936,
a charger for in-car use, as
well as an AV cable for con-
necting the device to an ex-
ternal monitor.
Look at the new Satlink
WS-6936 for the very first
and the feature that will
strike you most is a 4.3-inch
monitor, which forms the
centrepiece of the meter. As
our test revealed, the man-
ufacturer did not only go for
sheer size, but chose a truly
excellent LCD panel too. It
can even be read in direct
sunlight, and in a dark at-
tic it genuinely shines. On
Satlink WS-6936
Very easy to use signal meter which also
serves as receiver.