TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
available for the manual, au-
tomatic and quick scans.
We also found the Fa-
vorites function very prac-
tical. It lets the user store
more popular broadcasters
in a dedicated list allow-
ing the user to access them
more quickly. This greatly
simplifies the work of an in-
Also worth mentioning is
the fact that the HD-T2 in
DVB-T2 mode can also read
the service parameters of a
frequency so that, for ex-
ample, Single Input / Sin-
gle Output is identified with
the label SISO, Multi Input
Single Output is labeled
with MISO and if the Physical
Layer Pipe concept is being
used, the label PLP appears.
The IQ Swap function,
that is data streams with
exchanged vectors, is also
quite new. If this function is
activated in the HD-T2, the
scan will take a little longer.
By the way, IQ Swap is
used in only very few re-
In Spectrum Mode, the HD-
T2 can provide an overview
of the selected frequencies;
Horizon has integrated a to-
tal of three display modes:
Spectrum Channel, Spec-
trum Wide and Spectrum
In Spectrum Channel
mode the currently select-
ed channel is presented in