1 -12/2012
TELE-satellite International —
The alignment of an
antenna on a satellite that
has analog signals usually
does not require the use
of any kind of measure-
ment equipment. And for
private users it goes some-
thing like this: the picture’s
coming, the picture’s there,
there’s no snow and done!
Digital signals make life a
little more difficult for the
installer. He could of course
drag the customer’s receiver
and TV up onto the roof
with him and use the on-
screen signal strength and
quality bar graphs to prop-
erly align the dish. But the
customer might not be too
thrilled with this idea. The
English company HORIZON
Ltd., with its alignment and
installation meter HDSM
has designed an inex-
pensive alternative for the
installer. The unit is about
the size of a thick paperback
book and it comes complete
with a leather pouch and a
shoulder strap to help pro-
tect it from damp weather.
It also comes with a char-
ger for 100-240 VAC plus a
car charger for 13VDC and
an RS-232 cable so that
satellite data can be down-
loaded from the Internet.
All of the control buttons as
well as the LNB connections
looped-through) are found
on the front panel. The dis-
play shows the selected sat-
ellites, the polarization, the
signal strength and quality,
the C/N value and the cor-
rect Bit Error Rate.
Starlight 6800:
The Complete Monitoring Station
Owners of larger antennas
with actuators for C-band
and Ku-band reception
usually have a difficult time
finding a receiver that has
everything that they need:
a positioner, connections
for a mechanical polarizer,
CI slots for PayTV recep-
tion and for good audio
and video quality an AC-3
and S-VHS output. Even
for our test department
it wasn’t that easy to find
such a receiver. EUROSAT
decided to help by sending
us the Manhattan Starlight
On the front panel of
the silver-gray cabinet are
eight buttons that permit
not only the normal opera-
tion of the receiver but
also it programming. The
comes with two CI
slots that accept a variety
of different CA modules. It
also comes with embedded
IRDETO with an appropri-
ate card slot. Up to 5000
channels can be stored with
the current channel shown
on the four-digit display.
But it’s the rear panel
of this receiver that will
excite the DX’er. In addi-
tion to the two Scart con-
nectors and jacks for the
looped-through IF, there
are also four RCA jacks
for video, analog stereo
audio, programmable 0/12
volts and digital audio (S/
PDIF). Six quick-clamps link
this receiver to an actua-
tor (36V/5A max) and a
mechanical polarizer (such
as a Corotor for C-band and
DVB Antenna Measurement Unit