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1 -12/2012
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Satellite TV in Europe
One of the regular programmes at the time in Europe is the english
language channel "Satellite Television PLC", transmitted via the
OTS satellite. This channel is only available via satellite.
Further regular programmes can be seen via the French
Symphonie satellite with the 1st French TV channel. Another
regular programme is the 1st Sowjet channel via the GORIZONT
To receive these channels legally a reception permit is required.
In West Germany this can be obtained (or more probably not) at
the DBP, in Witzerland at the PTT, in Austria at the Post and in
East Germany at the DP. The application has to include similar
informations in any case: name of the space orbit station,
reception frequencies, which signals are to be received, reason of
reception, type and make of reception equipment and finally the
approval of the entity responsible for the satellite.
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