1 -12/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
Since I really didn’t know anything
about satellite reception, I had to re-
search it all and teach it to myself.”
A great help to him was Marcus Ben-
ni’s Internet forum at
com.br. Here you’ll find Brazilian satel-
lite DXers exchanging information. “I
visit the forum every day to see what’s
Satellite receivers are scattered all
over his house. Since Natalino is now
right in the middle of renovating and
extending his home, he doesn’t have
much room to organize his equipment.
I’m planning to set up a dedicated
room just for my equipment.” But since
he’s always out there buying something
new, it’s hard to believe that he’ll ever
be able to keep his enormous collection
organized. But that’s really not all that
important; he enjoys every new piece
of equipment that he buys.
Natalino is definitely not one of those
enthusiasts that wants to be able to
receive as much as possible but then
doesn’t have the time to sit down and
actually watch these channels. He and
his wife often sit down in front of their
LED monitor or later in the even-
ing in the bedroom in front of their 52”
Sony Bravia HD monitor. Some of the
channels he enjoys watching: CCTV,
DW, AlJazeera, Bandeirantes TV in HD,
TV Columbia and Canal Uno out of Co-
lumbia, Russia Today and the Brazilian
channels TV Nazare and Ulbra TV.
We noticed that there are speakers
in every room of the house. Natalino
explains, “I enjoy listening to good au-
dio.” By that though he doesn’t mean
radio stations but rather a TV channel’s
Natalino should be very happy that
his wife also enjoys his hobby. That
means that he can continue to spend
more money on new TV equipment. For
satellite product manufacturers, Na-
talino is the perfect type of customer!
Natalino has five dishes
mounted on the roof. To the far
left is a 1.8-meter dish with a
motor that he is readjusting with
a signal analyzer. To the right is
a 2.85-meter antenna that is fixed
on NSS 806.