TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
Natalino is very lucky: his wife has
nothing against his hobby and enjoys
watching all those TV channels on their
three flat big-screen TVs (one in the
bedroom, one in the living room and
another in the work room). These chan-
nels come from eight fixed satellite an-
tennas, five on the roof, one on the ter-
race and two mounted on the wall.
As it turns out, he started his hobby
relatively late. He explains to us that he
only erected his first antenna in 2005:
That was a 1.5-meter mesh antenna
that I had pointed to BRASILSAT B4.”
Back then Natalino didn’t really know
anything about technology or satellite
reception. He never learned a real trade
but in the meantime has been success-
fully running his own little company with
five employees that distributes in his
home city of Jundiai Prospect. A good
portion of the income he receives from
this goes right into his hobby. “So far
I’ve probably given out at least 50,000
Real (about 20,000 Euros) for all of my
reception equipment”, he admits.
His second large acquisition was a
meter dish with a motor in 2006.
He fitted his 3.0-
meter antenna with
a C/Ku-band Combi
Close-up view of the mast:
because of its elevated position,
Natalino had to secure the mast
with guy wires.