TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
part of the receiver created
a very positive impression
on us. This was also helped
by fast switching times of
around one second, which
will please channel surfers
no end.
The only downer is that we
could not find an option to
activate a +5V power sup-
ply on the antenna input.
This way owners of an active
DVB-T antenna will have to
keep using an external pow-
er supply.
Now that we have dealt
with the LiveTV entry of the
main menu, there are seven
more entries to dive into, all
of which deal with Android-
based features and func-
The receiver is shipped
with Android 2.3.4 ‘Ginger-
bread’. Most of these fea-
tures focus on multimedia
use, which is packed into
menu entries named Video,
Music and Gallery.
As we have mentioned just
above, it is not possible to
play back existing record-
ings in DVB-T mode. To make
up for that, users can select
Video in the DTP2100 main
menu to access a clearly ar-
ranged list of all recordings.
In addition to those record-
ings the receiver is capable
of playing back a multitude
of other video formats as
well, ranging from MPEG and
TS all the way to DivX, which
even worked flawlessly in
i HD during our test.
The only thing it rejected
was flash video – no mat-
ter how hard we tried the
DTP2100 refused to play it.
During playback it is pos-
sible to fast forward or re-
wind with 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32
Games, tools or any
other apps – Google Play has
millions of apps ready for
Before you purchase and
download an app you can
call up a detailed description
complete with screenshots.
The Facebook app allows
you to make full use of this
social network right on your
Facebook timeline and
One touch of a button
on the remote and you’re
all set to post a message or
fold speed, which hugely
facilities navigation within a
The Music menu entry con-
tains the MP3 jukebox of the
DTP2100 and all we can say
is: WOW! This feature is im-
pressive proof of the amount
of time and effort Android
developers have invested to
come up with a solution that
almost bursts with attention
to detail.
Audio files available on ex-
ternal storage media (USB
or SD card) can be sorted
according to artist, album,
title or playlist. During that
process the receiver takes
into account ID3 tags and
even reads out album cov-
ers, if those are integrated
in the audio file.
Thanks to the optical S/
PDIF or HDMI output mu-
sic is transmitted loss-free
to your HiFi system and the
two USB ports plus SD card
reader make sure you’ll nev-
er run out of memory capac-
ity for your music collection.
Using a flat-screen TV to
show photos of your last
holiday to family and friends
has become the way to go
in recent years. Long gone
are the days of slides and
pictures printed on paper,
so it’s only natural that the
Jiuzhou DTP2100 also offers
a presentation function. And
it goes without saying this
also works with image files
on external storage media.
Yet, there’s even more.
Much more. Just picture
this: You’re at your friends’
place and the conversation
starts to revolve around the
trip to the mountains you did
last month. Too bad you left
at home the USB memory
stick with all photos on it.
No problem with the
DTP2100. If you – like mil-
lions of users worldwide –
have also stored your photos
in the cloud (Google Picasa,
for example) the DTP2100 is
able to access these photo
albums via the Internet and
present a slideshow on the
It works as if the photos
were stored locally. All you
need to do is enter your login
data and you’re ready to go.