TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
Many people visited the
HISILICON both during the
CBBN 2012, fascinated with
prototypes using the HI3716C.
Full media player support,
with access to network
shares, UPnP servers, etc.
The highlight: a set-top-box
running Android 4.0. Note the
screen on the right playing a
D video!
formation that simply blows
all other media players away.
But on paper technical
specifications are always
good. How does it look with
production units? The first
prototypes from HISLICON
were introduced at the CCBN
trade show in Beijing and re-
sulted in a lively crowd of vis-
itors. Not only was there just
one complete Android 4.0
receiver to stare in wonder
at, there were three differ-
ent models: an HD receiver
based on Android 2.2 with
SmartCard reader and USB
ports, an OpenTV set top box
with integrated tuner and
last but not least, the star of
the show, a high-end Linux
HD receiver. The latter mod-
el had so many connections
that we couldn’t see straight
anymore. On the rear panel
were four USB 2.0 ports, two
network jacks, eSATA, twin
tuner, HDMI and component
outputs, as well as composite
video, L+R audio and SPDIF
optical and coaxial) outputs.
The prototypes could simul-
taneously playback video
from the tuner and Internet
video; on top of that paral-
lel Apps and widgets were
blended in. It was wonderful!
The operations interface
can be custom designed by
the manufacturer so that
instead of a normal Android
GUI, a GUI designed for the
receiver can be displayed.
This makes this SoC also quite
interesting for IPTV boxes or
even for hotel receivers. It
would allow additional servic-
es to be implemented simply
and cost-effectively.
The trend is clear: a chip like
the HI3716C will completely
change the look in many liv-
ing rooms. Where today you’d