TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
The manufacturer even
thought of including an inte-
grated calendar that can also
display the time directly on
the display. In this way the
user can always have the
current time or the calendar
in view; it’s a nice alternative
to those desk calendars that
are still in use today.
A total of two alarm set-
tings are available that can
be individually activated and
are useful in waking you up
at the right time in the morn-
ing and helping you avoid
missing that important ap-
pointment during the day.
The alarm itself is actually
quite pleasing to the ear; it
can be set to play your fa-
vorite radio station via the
Internet or FM or a favorite
song stored in memory. If
you prefer the classic meth-
od, a normal alarm tone can
also be used.
The LookeeTV box still has
yet another especially prac-
tical feature. We saved the
best for last! The box not
only has the capability to ac-
cess video and audio files via
UPnP from external sources,
this content can also be ac-
tively sent to the box via
Even the Windows
Media Player
instantly recognizes
the LookeeTV box
and displays its
The internal
memory of the box
can be filled via PC
and in that way can
also be formatted
and/or deleted