1 -12/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
available to the LookeeTV
box with just a few mouse
This worked perfectly in
our tests with a Windows 7
PC. By coincidence we even
had a DVB-S receiver set up
in our test center that also
worked with the UPnP func-
tion; to our surprise, the
LookeeTV box instantly rec-
ognized it and was therefore
The integrated picture
viewer shows an organized
summary of all the available
Settings for the calendar
and time
The screen saver on the
LookeeTV box resembles an
alarm clock
Calendar display
Two alarm timers can be set
up individually
The LookeeTV box can set
up a network connection via
cable or WiFi
DHCP, static addresses as
well as PPPoE are supported
Multiple OSD languages are
available for the user
The FM radio range can be
switched between 87.5-108 and
The LookeeTV box’s
firmware can be updated via
Internet or local storage device
The video signal is
displayed either on the
integrated TFT monitor or is
made available at the CVBS or
HDMI outputs
able to access all of the re-
cordings that were stored on
the DVB-S receiver.
The quality of the content
received via the network was
exceptional and could easily
be mistaken for the original.
Thanks to Plug & Play, all
of this functioned correctly
without any complicated set-
tings or preparations.
The Blubrry App is a so-
cial network with thousands
of podcasts with the most
diverse of subjects. Subdi-
vided in the main Audio and
Video categories is content
available to the user from
the most unique subject are-
as in 18 different categories
such as vacations, health,
politics or art.
The Lookee Sound App
gives users access to the
SoundCloud service. This
platform was founded in
by two Berlin artists
and since then has been op-
erating with the goal to pro-
vide free music to as many
people as possible. Anyone
can take part in SoundCloud
and not only as a listener but
also as a musician, interpret-
er or composer.
Individual works can very
easily be uploaded to the
Internet through the plat-
form’s website and are then
available to every user.
LookeeTV box owners
also have access to Lookee
Sound’s extensive archive
and can search for music
from well-known or just up-
and-coming artists. In our
tests we found a really good
title and we can only hope
that this artist finds his way
into the limelight.
Another App: Inmoo. Im-
agine that you’re an up-
and-coming filmmaker and
you want to reach as many
viewers as possible without
a large marketing machine
to back you up and with lim-
ited finances. What if you
had a platform like Inmoo
that would allow you to do
just that?
This platform would be
ideal even for movie lovers
that are looking for some-
thing out of the ordinary and
would also like to enjoy mov-
ies other than those from
So what did the manufac-
turer of the LookeeTV box
do? What else but integrate
the Inmoo App into their
box! Divided into genre and
languages, it provides ac-
cess to thousands of freely
available movies on the In-
moo platform. Thanks to the
integrated search function,
you can look for very specific
A total of 18 Genres from
Cartoons and Thrillers up to
Action, Comedy and many
more are at the user’s fin-
gertips. The movie selection
seems to be endless. This
App turns out to be one of
the highlights of the Loo-
keeTV box due in large part
to its outstanding picture
If you place high value on
exceptional picture quality,
the Revision 3 App is right
for you. This Internet service
founded in California in 2005
works with its content and
the quality of their offerings
almost on the same level as
an established TV station,
it’s just that the producers
of the content are typically
private people or at the least
not so commercially orient-
ed as larger studios.
Thanks to the many differ-
ent subject areas and shows
with such obscure titles like
Toasted Donut”, this pro-
vider quickly reached cult
status. Those that have a
LookeeTV box but no PC can
now also enjoy these kinds
of titles directly on their TV.
During the course of our
tests, we had a lot of fun
surfing through all of the
different shows; the perfect
HD picture quality made it all
that much more enjoyable.
In addition to the current
content, there’s also an ex-
tensive archive of Revision
carried content. So, if you
happen to miss an episode
of the mostly weekly pro-
grams, don’t worry, all of the
content is archived and is
available to be accessed for
quite some time.
In the old days, you got
your morning news from the
radio; today it’s the up-to-
date news broadcasts via In-
ternet from those large news
networks like MSNBC. For all
those who want to stay in-
formed on what’s going on
in the world, the LookeeTV
box has a dedicated App for
access to MSNBC content.
There you’ll find not only
up-to-date MSNBC news
broadcasts, but also popular
shows like NBC Today and
Meet the Press.
Unfortunately, we weren’t
all too happy with the pic-
ture quality of the programs,
if MSNBC wanted to there
would be great potential for
improvement here. Thanks
to the small 7” TFT monitor