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— 1 -12/2012
can search for it automati-
The acquisition of the re-
quired IP data via DHCP is
for the most part standard
today and is of course also
supported by the LookeeTV
box. Nevertheless, these
parameters can be entered
manually if needed. Even a
connection set up with a DSL
or cable provider via PPPoE
is supported.
The LookeeTV box comes
with an integrated screen
saver that converts the TFT
display into a radio alarm
clock with a large time and
date display. The alarm time
can also be set in the Set-
tings menu where you’ll find
two alarm timers available.
The necessary time signal
can be received by the box
via the Internet; the user
then simply needs to enter in
the time difference for his lo-
cation. If the Internet is not
available or if the user for
some reason wants to enter
in the time and date manu-
ally, this capability is also
1, 2, 3, 4.
Lookee TV-Box Main
The LookeeTV App sorts the
channels by country/region,
genre and language
You can even search by
Results of a search for
Before playback begins,
the box stores a portion
of the video signal in its
buffer memory to cover
any momentary connection
Playback of a TV channel
from Iraq
10. 4:3
channels can be
expanded into 16:9 format
It’s recommended to play
back a channel in its original
resolution especially if the
picture quality isn’t optimal
Radio channels are also
sorted by country/region, genre
and language
A total of 39 genres are
available to choose from
Nepal FM 91.8 on the
LookeeTV Box via Internet
The channel selection with
Shoutcast is nearly unlimited
The various settings are
further enhanced by an Auto
Power Off function that will
turn off the box after a pre-
set time span. There’s also
the ability to update the
LookeeTV box’s firmware or
return the box to its default
settings via the Internet or
via a local storage device.
Next to all of these set-
tings parameters, the menu
selection “TV Out” instantly
caught our eyes. Here the
user can decide if the signal
from the box should be dis-
played on the small integrat-
ed TFT monitor or if it should
be routed to the two outputs
CVBS and HDMI) on the rear
panel. Unfortunately, it’s not
possible to have both at the
same time.
In our tests we were able
to connect the box to a 42”
LED monitor via the HDMI
port as well as via the CVBS
jacks and thus be able to
enjoy the signal on a large
display. While the display via
CVBS was not quite optimal,
the HDMI display in 720p HD
was especially pleasing to
the eye. Even the small 7”
TFT monitor was bolstered
by brilliant colors, high con-
trast and interference-free
image construction.
Now let’s take a closer look
at the individual functions
and Apps in the LookeeTV
box: Lookee TV and Lookee
Radio. These two programs
are the central components
of the LookeeTV box and
even have their own dedi-
cated access buttons on the
remote control.
Both of them contain pre-
pared lists from the manu-
facturer with all Internet-
based freely receivable TV
and radio stations from
every possible region of the
world. These lists can be
sorted by country and re-
gion as well as by genre and
language for a better over-
view of what’s available. Add
to that a search function as