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Horizon Global Electronics Ltd.
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Satellite and terrestrial antenna meter
RF Input range
950 – 2150MHz 40dBµV to 110dBµV
LNB Supply Voltages
13V Vertical 18V Horizontal (21V SCR)
LNB Short Circuit Protection
750mA maximum current limiter
Transponder memory
4000 definitions
Modulation supported
Satellite Bands
C, Ku and Ka
Input dynamic range
-70dBm to 0dBm
Symbol rate
1Msps – 45Msps
Channel bandwidth
Up to 8 MHz
Frequency range
49MHz (VHF) to 861MHz (UHF)
Input levels
-92dBm to -20dBm
Analogue measurements
Video and Audio levels
Jacek Pawlowski
Test Center
Signal Analyzer Manufacturer, UK
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Read TELE-satellite’s Company Report:
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
Very intuitive user interface
Fast reaction to signal change
Good sensitivity and measurement resolution
Customized to your country - no useless tran-
sponder data to hack through
Data logging
Non-compliant with DVB-T2
Expert Opinion
that everybody who has just
basic orientation in TV signal
measurements will practical-
ly not need the user manual.
Perhaps. you may want to re-
fer to the manual when cre-
ating additional transponder
entries or to learn how the
logging process works but
even in these cases most us-
ers can do fine without the
manual. The HD-STM firm-
ware is really very intuitive.
Our test would not be com-
plete if we did not compare
the Horizon instrument with
analyzers of other brands.
We selected two quite com-
plex and expensive meters as
our references. We checked
the difference in satellite and
terrestrial measurements.
Two satellites were the sourc-
es of signal: HOTBIRD on 13°
East (DVB-S2 11278 V tran-
sponder) and Atlantic Bird 3
on 5° West (one DVB-S2 and
two DVB-S transponders). In
terrestrial mode we had one
DVB-T carrier and 4 analog
carriers available in our lo-
cation. See the charts in this
report. HD-STM performed
quite well – its readings were
very close to the results
shown by the other two me-
ters. In one case, our refer-
ence # 2 was unable to lock
to the signal (DVB-S 12615H
9180 ks/sec from Atlantic
Bird) and it measured only
channel power but not MER.
But HD-STM had no problem
with this signal. Good job!
The HD-STM is not a fully
fledged signal analyzer but
it has most of the features
and functions a satellite and
terrestrial reception system
installers may need. Hori-
zon’s policy with this meter
clearly was: to include all
“must have” features and to
forget all the “nice to have”.
In this way, HD-STM has eve-
rything that is really relevant
for the installer to do the job
fast and easy. Of course, it
can not play video and audio
of the channel or tell you the
bit rate of video or audio, but
how many installers are ea-
ger to pay for such functions?
Workmanship of the Hori-
zon HD-STM is perfect and
it is equipped with a high ca-
pacity polymer battery. Its
satellite and terrestrial per-
formance leaves nothing to
be desired. This is a perfect
choice for an installer who
values a practical instrument.